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Water Scarcity


Water scarcity is the lack of enough water or lack of access to fresh water. Industry has an enormous water footprint, and overuse of fresh water threatens our future access to fresh water. It also has profound impacts on ecosystems. Understanding industry demands help quantifying fresh water use.



Little or No Water Scarcity
Abundant water resources relative to use, with less than 25% of water from rivers withdrawn for human purposes.


Physical Water Scarcity (water resources development is approaching or has exceeded sustainable limits)

More than 75% of river flows are withdrawn for agriculture, industry and domestic purposes (accounting for recycling of return flows). This definition—relating water availability to water demand—implies that dry areas are not necessarily water scarce.


Approaching Physical Water Scarcity.
More than 60% of river flows are withdrawn. These basins will experience physical water scarcity in the near future.


Economic Water Scarcity (human, institutional and financial capital limit access to water even though water in nature is available locally to meet human demands)
Water resources are abundant relative to water use, with less than 25% of water from rivers withdrawn for human purposes, but malnutrition exists.


What Can I Do On My Project?


Ask manufacturers about their water conservation efforts.

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