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096516 Resilient Flooring: Heterogeneous – July 2016

Human Health Transparency Environmental Health Transparency
Products With Publicly Available HPD HPDs Meet Min.

Disclosure Criteria*

Products With Publicly Available EPD EPDs Meet Min.

Disclosure Criteria*

Altro 75% Y 50-75%*** Y
Armstrong 0%** 100% Y
Ceres (CBC) 1-25% N 0%
Gerflor 1-25% N 100%*** Y
Halo (CBC) 1-25% N 0%
Johnsonite/Tarkett 0% 100%*** Y
LG 1-25% N 0%
Mannington 0% 100%*** Y
Mohawk 0%** N**
Polyflor 0% 100% Y
Sincol 0% 0%
Tajima 0% 0%
Teknoflor 0% 0%
Upofloor 1-25% N 0%
Tandus Centiva 0% 100% Y
So far HPDs produced for heterogeneous resilient flooring do not meet the minimum disclosure criteria. Until more manufacturers produce company- and product-specific EPDs we will not be able to include them in product-to-product comparisons.
Green shading is used to highlight transparency efforts

meeting minimum disclosure criteria.

* Per LEEDv4

** Under consideration

*** EPD has industry-wide scope, not specific to this company's product(s).

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