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Global Warming


The magnification of the natural greenhouse effect by excess emission of greenhouse gases (like CO2 and methane), which increase the atmosphere's absorption of solar heat radiation. Effects include polar melt, ecosystem instability, and changes in wind and ocean patterns.


Unit of measure for global warming potential: kg of carbon dioxide equivalent (CO2 e)



1. Solar radiation passes through atmosphere.


2. Earth is heated by solar radiation and emits it as infrared radiation.


3. Natural and man-made processes emit greenhouse gases (GHGs).


4. GHGs trap infrared radiation, which bounces back to earth and raises the overall temperature.


What Can I Do On My Project?


Request Environmental Product Declarations (EPD) from product vendors and manufacturers, to identify the associated impacts.


Select products with a lower global warming potential.
A product with less kg of CO
2 e will have a lower global warming potential and embodied carbon.


Set tight goals for electricity use.
Carbon dioxide is released when coal is burned, so each kilowatt hour saved is a reduction in emissions which are hazardous to environmental health.


Minimize transportation distances by selecting materials which are regionally extracted and manufactured.

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