Declare Product Database

This website lists products with Declare labels. A Declare label is a manufacturer's declaration of all product ingredients and comparison against the LBC Red List ("worst-in-class" materials, chemicals and elements known to pose serious risk to human health and the greater ecosystem). For more information on the Declare label and LBC Red List click here.



This website allows you to navigate a database of manufacturer provided material information. You may search and filter products by spec section, keyword, certifications, HPD, EPD, VOC certifications, etc. Related documents (such as HPDs, EPDs and product data sheets) can be downloaded and can save time over searching individual manufacturer websites.


Perkins+Will Precautionary List

This is a database of substances of concern frequently associated with building materials and products. It provides cross-reference capability with associated known and suspected health effects and spec divisions of products where these substances can occur.


Pharos Project

This website contains a database of products, ingredients and associated hazards. Hazards are linked to intentional and potential residual ingredients, as well as potential manufacturing exposures. Hazards are based on ingredient information from manufacturers and independent research. Search for products by manufacturer, product category, select content categories, etc.



This website catalogs products by product category, applicability to LEED, green attributes, and certifications.


HPD LIbrary

This website catalogs HPDs and allows you to filter based on CSI section, manufacturer, disclosure levels, and LEED v4 compliance.


Mindful Materials

This collaborative site allows easy selection and sorting of products based on available HPD’s, Materials Ingredients List, PVC-free, EPD’s, Building Green approved, etc.



The first LCA app that lets you calculate the environmental impacts of your building material selections directly in an Autodesk Revit model.

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