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The overproduction of biomass. In water, algal blooms lead to oxygen depletion, which is bad for critters that need oxygen (like fish) and causes species shifts, threatening biodiversity.


Unit of measure for eutrophication potential: kg of nitrogen equivalent (N e)



1. Runoff from industry, agriculture and cities adds excess nutrients (nitrogen and phosphorus) to water.


2. Excess nutrients accelerate growth of algae and other vegetation in water.


3. New plant populations deplete water of oxygen, causing other species to die or flee these hypoxic zones.


What Can I Do On My Project?


Request Environmental Product Declarations (EPD) from product vendors and manufacturers, to identify the associated impacts.


Select products with a lower eutrophication potential.
A product with less kg of N
e will have a lower eutrophication potential.


Set tight goals for stormwater and site water management.
Nitrogen and phosphorus enter the water stream through sewage and fertilizers. By adopting sustainable water management strategies, these excess nutrients can be kept out of our water systems.

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