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Endocrine Disruptors


The endocrine system comprises the organs and glands that secrete hormones. Damage to this system upsets normal physiological processes, which in turn are responsible for diseases and disorders such as hypothyroidism, diabetes, pediatric male reproductive health problems, early female puberty, and cancer. Endocrine-disrupting chemicals which are relevant to the building materials industry include halogenated flame retardants and phthalates.


More information: Endocrine Society


What Can I Do On My Project?


Request Health Product Declarations (HPD) from product vendors and manufacturers.
An HPD identifies health hazards associated with product ingredients.


Ask product reps about PVC-free options.
Many manufacturers offer PVC-free alternatives to exterior components, interior finishes, piping, conduit, electrical cable and wire jacketing.


Ask insulation, furniture and fabric product manufacturers about Halogenated Flame Retardants.
Ask whether their products comply with relevant regulations by using a minimum amount of flame retardants and avoiding the most toxic flame retardants.


Ask product reps about phthalate-free options.
Many manufacturers offer phthalate-free alternatives to traditional PVC and other plastic-based products.

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