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Dioxins are a group of toxic bioaccumulative chemical compounds. They are present around the world and do not readily degrade.


Though dioxins are naturally occurring at relatively low levels, the vast majority of dioxins are released by certain industrial activities as an unwanted byproduct. Most relevant to our industry is PVC production.


In building materials, PVC is a common component of resilient flooring, carpet backing, piping, waterproofing, door and window frames, wire cable sheathing, wall covering and much more.


What Can I Do On My Project?


Ask product reps about PVC-free options.
Many manufacturers offer PVC-free alternatives to exterior components, interior finishes, piping, conduit, and electrical cable and wire jacketing.


Support our clients' PVC reduction efforts.
As hospitals embark on eliminating PVC from medical devices and supplies, propose ways that your project can complement their efforts.



Dioxins are released into the air, and settle on soil and in water. Nearly every living creature has been exposed to dioxins.


The most common exposure path is through food – crops absorb dioxins which settle on the soil.


Dioxins which settle in water are ingested by micro-organisms and work their way up the food chain. Dioxins accumulate in the body fat of fish, animals and, ultimately, people.


Though dioxins spread great distances, exposure risk through inhalation is especially high in and near communities where dioxins are released.


Health Impacts


Nervous system impairment


Immunologic impairments


Hormonal alterations



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