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095133 Acoustic Panel Ceilings – March 2015

Human Health Transparency Environmental Health Transparency
Products With Publicly Available HPD HPDs Meet Min.

Disclosure Criteria*

Products With Publicly Available EPD EPDs Meet Min.

Disclosure Criteria*

Armstrong 0% 75-100% Y

(Saint Gobain)

50-75% Y 50-75% Y
Rockfon 0%** 0%**
Tectum, Inc. 100% N 0%
USG 0%** 75-100% Y
Only CertainTeed has HPDs which meet LEEDv4's definition of minimum disclosure. We can now likely compare similar products between Armstrong, CertainTeed and USG in terms of environmental metrics included in the EPD.
Green shading is used to highlight transparency efforts

meeting minimum disclosure criteria.

* Per LEEDv4

** Under consideration

*** EPD has industry-wide scope, not specific to this company's product(s).

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