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The acidifying effects to infrastructure, plants and water animals that result from emissions of sulfur dioxide and nitrogen oxide; a.k.a. 'acid rain.'


Unit of measure for acidification potential: kg of sulfur dioxide equivalent (SO2 e)



1. Sulfur dioxide and nitrogen oxide from emissions react with water vapor and enter soil via acid rain and urban/industrial runoff.


2. Acid rain and runoff extract nutrients from soil.


3. Soil is nutrient-poor and less productive, and soil pollutants enter food stream.


4. Sulfur dioxide and nitrogen oxide leach calcium from water, leading to decline in ocean life populations and coral growth.


What Can I Do On My Project?


Request Environmental Product Declarations (EPD) from product vendors and manufacturers, to identify the associated impacts.


Select products with a lower acidification potential.
A product with less kg of SO
2 e will have a lower acidification potential.


Set tight goals for electricity use.
Sulfur dioxide and nitrogen oxide are released when coal is burned, so each kilowatt hour saved is a reduction in emissions which are hazardous to environmental health.

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